About Anthony


Anthony is a husband and father who can often be found outside, exploring, on or near the water, trying to enjoy life as much as he can with his family. After graduating from the State University of New York at New Paltz with a BFA in Photography, he promptly moved to Brooklyn and began working in the photo industry. Over the years he has worked in varying roles throughout it and has had the opportunity to learn from a great deal of talented individuals. Taking it all in, he has continued to refine his technical skills and and craft his process and method for image making. He utilizes all mediums, but often prefers analog methods for his personal projects. 

Passion drives much of his work. As he grew up in a rural area of New York, he continues to explore landscape imagery to capture and document the beauty in places he finds peace. His love for all things automotive stems from going to car shows with his father on weekends during the Summer while growing up. He continues and expands that early fascination his father imparted on him by capturing cars and their enthusiasts.


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